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Alertsy by Intellogo

Alertsy by Intellogo is a news monitoring and alert bot running on the Slack messaging platform. Alertsy does big data analysis on the content and reader behavior. It uses machine learning, (a subset of Artificial Intelligence), not keywords, to crack open and understand news: themes, writing styles, pacing, emotions, etc. It then uses that data to better match news with readers. The Global Editors Network asked us a few questions for their Startups For News competition, ahead of the third pitch battle we will be taking part in this week. To vote for Intellogo, please do it here.

GEN: What problem are you solving?

Intellogo: A growing number of companies rely on messaging platforms as their primary method of communication. With the advent of chatbots powered by artificial intelligence it is possible to deliver the news which enterprises need to stay competitive directly to teams on these messaging platforms.

Could you describe your solution to these problems?

Alertsy uses machine learning powered by Intellogo to crack open news and automatically tag it with hundreds of data points. Because of the depth of these data points, Alertsy is able to recognize ideas and literary concepts — like the mood of an article or type of writing style. An important feature of Alertsy is its ability for end users to teach it new concepts to recognize: For instance, Alertsy can be trained to recognize the competition, not only by name but by the products and services it offers as well as well as the press releases it has released. Once Alertsy is trained on a new concept it then connects, predicts, and recommends news based on what it has learned. Users are alerted to news directly in Slack where teams can form discussions and threads around a news topic.

List 3 reasons why you are better than your competitors

Our system outperforms our competitors in three areas:

  1. Learning new concepts. Alertsy is able to be taught new concepts by Slack users quickly and easily. This is useful for tracking the competition or news about new market opportunities.
  2. Filtering news at an unprecedented level. Alertsy is able to filter news on many more levels than the competition. It can filter based on comprehension level, reading time, points of view and end users can tell Alertsy how much of a concept needs to be present in the article before Alertsy triggers an alert.
  3. Support for both news articles and videos. Alertsy is the only bot available that scans both news RSS feeds as well as YouTube channels. Alertsy scans hundreds of quality RSS feeds and YouTube channels constantly bringing our users up to the minute news no matter where and how it is being reported.

How does your company make money?

Our company revenue streams are based on subscriptions as either end user, or 3rd party developers.

What are your next steps? Future developments or features to be added to your product?

Our next step with Alertsy is to make it available on other enterprise messaging platforms. We will continue to add quality RSS feeds and YouTube channels and are continually teaching Alertsy new ways to tag stories. We are also adding different types of content to Alertsy like books, research reports and speciality document repositories like the USPTO patent database. Finally, we are working on expanding Alertsy’s ability to be able to track and graph how sentiment changes throughout a story and predict how readers will react to a story using digital personas.

There is an ocean of data locked up in our words: social media platforms, videos, digital content. Most systems understand very little about this content: limited metadata which is been input by humans and is oftentimes incomplete, inaccurate and certainly not very deep. Alertsy via Intellogo wants to be the company that unlocks and mines all this data and then sells both our analysis and access to this data.

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