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2018 Pitch Battles

Startups for News 2018: the online pitch battles

Following the launch of the 2018 competition, 100 startups submitted their profile to be considered for this year’s edition. The Startups for News jury had the hard task to select the 16 most promising ones for the semi-finales, the online pitch battles.

Every week, video presentations of two startups working on a similar theme will be posted on this page. The public and the jury will vote and choose their favourite startup, taking the winning one to the finale at the GEN Summit in Lisbon. A 50/50 combination of the jury and the public vote will determine the winner of the battle.

At the GEN Summit, the 8 winning startups will have the opportunity to pitch in front of 750+ editors-in-chief and media professionals from over 70 countries.

Fourth  Battle – Enhance your content automatically


Frames allows publishers to easily enhance more than 50% of their articles with charts using an automatic content matching solution.

More on Frames


Loki enhances articles with auto-generated interactive visuals allowing publishers to gain insights about readers leading to more niche ad-targeting.

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Vote now!

Which startup should win this battle?

Frames Loki

Place your vote using Twitter, but beware, it’s a one and done deal: one person, one vote.

The vote will close on 28 March at 11:59 pm PST.

Third Battle – Investigating public data


Elvis allows journalists to visualise and investigate public spending.

More on Elvis


Vigilant is a public data access platform for live search and monitoring of public data sets.

More on Vigilant

And the winner is… Vigilant!

The winner of the first battle is Vigilant. Vigilant allows real time search and monitoring across thousands of public data sources. If you would like to learn more about Vigilant, you can read their profile on our Medium publication.

Vigilant will be pitching on the main stage of the GEN Summit 2018 this May, in Lisbon, Portugal.

Second Battle – Make it visual!


Genially allows anyone to create effective interactive content in a fast and accessible way, without needing programming skills.

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Grafiti aims to become Instagram for Data, making it easy for anyone to explore, create, and share stories from data in minutes from anywhere.

More on Grafiti

And the winner is… Grafiti !

The winner of the second battle is Grafiti. Grafiti empowers newsrooms with any data skill levels to explore vetted, trusted datasets; create interactive data content; and publish to multiple formats and channels — including video and interactives — in a single click. If you would like to learn more about Grafiti, you can read their profile on our Medium publication.

Grafiti will be pitching on the main stage of the GEN Summit 2018 this May, in Lisbon, Portugal.

First Battle – Crack the paywall code


Poool is an innovative management platform that allows publishers to define the most efficient monetisation and engagement strategies for each reader.

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The Playwall

The Playwall is the first payment solution for online content based on personal data as a currency, helping media organisations optimise their content and engagement.

More on the Playwall

And the winner is… Poool !

Poool is a dynamic paywall which empowers editors to maximize their audience value using compensation choices. If you would like to learn more about Poool, you can read their profile on our Medium publication.

Poool will be pitching on the main stage of the GEN Summit 2018 this May, in Lisbon, Portugal.