Croma is a content distribution analytics platform for news organizations. We track the organic social distribution to help you easily see which stories are generating engagements and ultimately driving readers to your site. The Global Editors Networkasked us a few questions for their Startups For News competition, ahead of the fourth pitch battle we will be taking part in this week. To vote for Croma please do it here.

GEN: What problem is Croma solving?

Croma: As a news publisher you want to know how a story you run is performing. You get insight from your own website and your social accounts analytics, but you can’t see the organic sharing happening beyond that, which usually represents more than 60% of the total of stories shared on social media.

What solutions does it offer?

We help you surface the stories from your publication that are being organically distributed across social platforms. We allow you to see how your content is performing even when you haven’t shared it in your official social profiles. That’s a reason why it quickly becomes a time-saving tool, embedded in your daily workflow. And to better understand your competitive landscape, we benchmark your publication against relevant competitors and display this information across the newsroom. We hope these understanding can help you make smarter editorial decisions.

List 3 reasons why Croma is better than its competitors.

1. We provide social engagement information around the content published on your website (not the social posts like CrowdTangle, but the actual content performance!) and competing publications in real time.
2. Our interface and insights are a 100% approachable by all editors and journalist. And at the same time, we are able to add value to the audience and data science teams. A win win situation for the whole newsroom.
3. We are plug and play, no additional scripts or integrations that can slow down your site. You just set up an account and have access to every single story published and its performance metrics across social networks. Just like magic.

How does Croma make money?

We offer our partners a yearly subscription plan to access our analytics service. We provide more value to larger publications, specially those targeting different markets and vast audiences spreaded across different verticals on social media, so the cost can vary depending on the publication needs and content volume.

What are Croma’s next steps?

We envision a company where if it’s newsworthy, at one point it will go through our platform. We are extremly happy to be already working with major publications in the US, Europe and Latin America. Our next step is to grow the value of their content distribution efforts and determinate the impact of social audiences on business results.

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