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Vox Pop allows newsrooms to question their audience through existing digital channels. A collaborative video story led by journalists. The Global Editors Network asked us a few questions for their Startups For News competition, ahead of the second pitch battle we will be taking part in this week. To vote for Media Vox Pop, please do it here.

GEN: What problem are you solving?

Media Vox Pop: People create video content on many different platforms, in a disaggregated way. On the other hand, journalists are looking for newsworthy content to curate and to better engage their audience. User generated videos are often hard to license when you find them on existing social networks, which is often time-spending and dear.

GEN: Could you describe your solution to these problems?

Media Vox Pop: We allow newsrooms to trigger and collect people’s opinions and stories in a structured and versatile way, across existing channels. Journalists can create a video-question, addressing their digital public, asking for opinions, feedback or stories about news events. The question is embedded within a website, inside an article, or shared across social media. Users record their answers and our system catalyzed the videos in one dashboard, where the newsroom will curate the content received.

It is an effective solution to bring the audience into the conversation without creating noise, and to foster the public debate maintaining the role of journalism in a digital, multidirectional context.

GEN: List 3 reasons why you are better than your competitors:

Media Vox Pop: We believe the question is key; and using video to trigger another video is something our competitors don’t do — yet! It works across all browsers, so there is no need of a mobile app.We offer different ways to embed questions and to display the video-answers. Also, we provide important data and insights about every campaign

GEN: How does your company make money?

Media Vox Pop: We offer a monthly-based subscription fee for an unlimited use of our platform, which include the storage and streaming of all the videos on Vox Pop.

GEN: What are your next steps? Future developments or features to be added to your product?

Media Vox Pop: Our next development is an interactive map that will be shown on our clients page, an embeddable solution for publishers to visually map the debate. We are also creating a new format for short VoxPop videos designed for social networks.

To vote for Media Vox Pop, please do it here.

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