Muuze enables all writers to enhance their content by helping them to discover and then embed relevant, trackable and verified content from other sources. This process enhances reader understanding and maintains content differentiation. The Global Editors Network asked us a few questions for their Startups For News competition, ahead of the eighth pitch battle we will be taking part in this week. To vote for Muuze, please do it here.

GEN: What problem are you solving?

Muuze: Online content creation is a core element of any marketing strategy yet it remains hard to get key messaging out into the marketplace in a way that engages a specific target audience and provides an effective and easy way of converting browsing into conversions. This also means that readers are not being provided with appropriate and high-quality content that meets their needs or desires. The result is that both sides of the content equation are inefficient and under-optimised.

What is the solution you are offering?

Muuze is a new AI driven approach to creating, publishing, verifying and tracking content on the web. Muuze enables writers to create more compelling content through intelligent discovery and embedding of highly correlated and added value information that others have written, allowing that added content to be distributed over the web in a verified and traceable environment. Muuze provides a simple and quick way to surface and add bite-sized and highly shareable pieces of engaging and interactive information into written content in a range of visual formats. Muuze allows each writer to use the same mechanism to publish their own content highlights for others to use.

List 3 reasons why you are better than your competitors

  1. Muuze provides each writer with access to research, content and data that they would not be able to access themselves through existing systems without unreasonable effort.
  2. Muuze allows each writer to create and distribute their own content in the same way as they access it, offering and encouraging others to use their content in a fully traceable and trackable context.
  3. Muuze uses embedded active and navigable frames to provide trusted, author-verified content that does not require the reader to leave the original content container.

How does your company make money?

We offer a subscription model to users that covers a range of functionality and content breadth. We offer a free version for all users to experience Muuze capabilities and also paid for versions that vary from individual accounts through to enterprise licensing. Customised and white-label versions are also available.

What are your next steps?

We are close to completing the first deployable version of Muuze that will enable writers to access a year’s worth of data from a news supplier from which they will be offered appropriate and fully attributed quotes which they can pull out from a stream and embed into their content. We will be adding a wide range of data sources and Muuze display types over the next 6 months.

To vote for Muuze, please do it here.

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