waach empowers publishers and creators alike to get maximum reach with minimum effort with the power of video. Merely publishing content is not enough to reach and grow an audience. Hence, our video recommendation solution value-adds by matching the right videos to their content. The Global Editors Network asked us a few questions for their Startups For Newscompetition, ahead of the fourth pitch battle we will be taking part in this week. To vote for waach please do it here.

GEN: What problem are you solving?

waach: Video consumption on multiple platforms and services is growing exponentially. Publishers are leveraging on video content to increase user engagement and retention rates on their properties. However, finding the right videos among the millions for their content can be challenging and tedious. Creators also find it difficult to reach their potential audiences due to the increasingly crowded and competitive market.

What is the solution you are offering?

Our publisher solution identifies and matches the right videos to their content, by running semantic and audience analysis on the content. The most accurate videos are shortlisted using our competitive analysis. The videos can then be displayed in customisable widgets anywhere on the site. For creators, our powerful yet simple end-to-end video management solution helps them distribute and share videos to their audiences on multiple platforms in a single click. We also aggregate analytics from all platforms to ease day-to-day performance tracking. Our competitive analysis also provides them with actionable insights to help them understand their market and their performance.

List 3 reasons why you are better than your competitors

1. Our publisher solution has video at its core. Other recommendation solutions are usually only suitable for dealing with articles (text & images), with video being an add-on feature.

2. We believe recommending relevant videos would help publishers increase user engagement for sustainable revenue. Other solutions tend to focus only on monetisation but not on accuracy for video recommendation.

3. Our creator solution provides access to cross-platform publication and analytics from a single location. Our competitors are optimised for single platforms, usually YouTube. Creators currently need to use several tools to distribute to and retrieve analytics from all their platforms.

How does your company make money?

waach: Our publisher widgets are free to use, under a revenue share model. Publishers can also customise our tool with access to our API, charged by usage rates. Creators, MCNs and media groups can use our creator solution on a freemium basis (with monthly subscriptions).

What are your next steps?

In the coming months, our two main areas of focus will be:
1. Improving our analytics and decision tools, to help creators better understand their positioning on the market and to better decide their publication decisions.

2. Expansion of our ecosystem of partners to provide more value-add services to creators and publishers, such as a creator marketplace to produce videos or DIY websites

To vote for waach please do it here.

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